Who Is The Most Expensive Cameo?

Is Harry Styles on Cameo?

Mark Hamill confirms that singer Harry Styles did a cameo role in the latest Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker.

Watch the video to get the deets!.

How much is a cameo?

Prices start as low as $1 to $5 for less recognizable online talent while iconic stars, like Ice Cube, Joe Montana, and Caitlyn Jenner, charge anywhere from $500 to $2,500 for a Cameo video.

How long is a cameo?

A: A Promotional Cameo video can be used for three months from the date it is sent to you. At the end of the three months the rights to the video automatically expire unless otherwise agreed.

How do cameo celebrities get paid?

Cameo talent earn up to $2,000 per minute, and most only spend 5 minutes a week on Cameo. Earn for yourself or charity. You can do Cameos anytime, anywhere– even Ubers, airports, or in bed.

Who is the most expensive celebrity on Cameo?

Kevin O’LearyKevin O’Leary At $1,200 a pop, the “Shark Tank” star has one of the most expensive rates on Cameo, according to People.

Who is the highest paid cameo?

Caitlyn JennerCaitlyn Jenner currently charges the most on Cameo, with a video costing $2,586. According to the star’s profile, the money from the videos goes to her Caitlyn Jenner Foundation.

How can I get a free cameo?

You can join a celebrity’s fan club for free from their profile. Just tap the Fan Club button and then you’ll be able to skip the line to get your Cameo video prioritised, access all their previous Cameos, and be the first to know about deals and price drops. Cameo said more perks are coming to fan clubs, too.

Are cameos worth it?

When I shared the videos with everyone at Reviewed, they got as much enjoyment from them as I did—maybe even more since they were a surprise. Based on our crowd-testing results, Cameo is an incredible service that will make recipients happy.

Who is the dearest on Cameo?

We get it: Caitlyn Jenner is a pop culture icon in more ways than one. But at $2,500, she’s the most expensive shout-out on the entire Cameo roster by a factor of two.

Is Carole Baskin on Cameo?

Inside Cameo, the app where Carole Baskin from ‘Tiger King’ will sing ‘In Da Club’ for $299. Carole Baskin wears her signature flower crown and her husband, Howard, dons a conical birthday hat. … “Go Charlotte, it’s your birthday. We’re going to party like it’s your birthday.

What makes a cameo valuable?

The more details and the finer the detail, the more valuable a cameo typically is. “C-clasp” pins on the backs of cameo brooches generally help verify their authenticity. A collection of a specific type of cameos can sell higher than a single cameo.

Who is the most famous person on Cameo?

Caitlyn JennerCaitlyn Jenner is the most expensive, with a $2,500 call-out fee. She’s the 90th most famous person we got, however, and the most famous person on Cameo, so she’s still pretty good value. Other super-famous celebrities for hire include Priscilla Presley, actress and former Mrs.

How much does Snoop Dogg cost on Cameo?

Snoop Dogg (Price: $900) Snoop Dogg, who is not one to turn down a dollar, has a popular but pricey page on Cameo.

Who has the worst reviews on Cameo?

Drake Bell, of Drake & Josh, who only charges fifty bucks and by all accounts does great shoutouts. A bargain. Riff Raff, who has possibly the worst reviews on the platform, including one that simply reads, “Hope you’re alright Riff, that was bad.”

What celebs are on Cameo app?

27 Celebrities Who Will Give You Personalized Shout-Outs on Cameo — For a PriceJerry Harris. Claim to Fame: Netflix’s Cheer. … Busy Philipps. Claim to Fame: Laurie Keller on Cougar Town and host of Busy Tonight. … Caitlyn Jenner. … Ashley Greene. … Lance Bass. … Chad Michael Murray. … Lindsay Lohan. … Todrick Hall.More items…•Apr 26, 2020

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