Quick Answer: Is PC Matic A Chinese Company?

Does PC Matic have a firewall?

PC Matic can usually test a PC that has a software firewall enabled.

In most cases, PC Matic will have no trouble testing through a hardware firewall..

Which antivirus Made in USA?

AMERICAN MADE: PC Matic is the only antivirus that is 100% researched, developed, and supported in the United States of America.

Does PC Matic slow down your computer?

PC Matic scans devices for a wide range of problems. It looks for malware, junk files, driver updates, broadband quality, and a lot of other things that can harm or slow down your device.

Who is the new PC Matic girl?

Sara EvansA recording artist and mom of three, Evans recently turned to PC Matic to secure her family’s devices from cyber threats. “We’re thrilled to partner with Sara Evans,” said Rob Cheng, CEO and Founder of PC Matic.

Is Pcmatic a US company?

Both the ads and the company’s website celebrate the fact that the company is entirely based in the US. The website also states that PC Matic is “The only antivirus company that conducts our research 100% in the United States.” I’m not sure if that’s a plus, given that there are smart people all over the world.

Who founded Pcmatic?

Rob ChengPC Matic is a security and performance software that provides protection for security products. The company was founded in 1999 by Rob Cheng and Dave Methvin.

How well is PC Matic rated?

EDITOR RATING: 4 out of 5 stars. The PC Matic tool makes a good impression, especially the automatic driver updates and the autorun-tests. Very easy to use and setup.” EDITOR RATING: 5 out of 5 stars.

What is the highest rated antivirus software?

The 7 Best Antivirus Software of 2021Best Overall: Bitdefender Antivirus Plus.Best for Windows: Norton 360 With LifeLock.Best for Mac: Webroot SecureAnywhere for Mac.Best for Multiple Devices: McAfee Antivirus Plus.Best for Free: Kaspersky Free Antivirus.Best Premium Option: Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security.Best Malware Scanning: Malwarebytes.

Is Bitdefender owned by China?

Bitdefender is a Romanian cybersecurity technology company headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, with offices in the United States, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

Does Windows 10 need antivirus?

So, does Windows 10 Need Antivirus? The answer is yes and no. With Windows 10, users don’t have to worry about installing antivirus software. And unlike the older Windows 7, they won’t always be reminded to install an antivirus program for protecting their system.

Who owns Pcmatic?

Rob ChengRob Cheng – CEO & Founder at PC Matic | The Org.

What is wrong with PC Matic?

People with PC Matic complain of all sorts of warnings and stuff just not working right (such as not being able to access the internet). We remove PC Matic and, miraculously, the PC starts running well. My biggest problem with PC Matic is that they do keep inching up in the ranks of independent evaluations.

Is PC Matic better than McAfee?

Here’s our verdict: while McAfee is an affordable product and features a free trial, PC Matic is the better option here. Thanks to the generous pricing policy and the multitude of maintenance features, it will be a good investment for your money.

Did PC Matic go out of business?

As far as I know, PC Matic is the only internet security product that’s entirely US-based, including research, development and support. In the fall of 2019, the PC Pitstop brand was retired and the company now operates as PC Matic. And despite the PC-centric moniker, it’s also available for Mac, and Android.

Which is better AVG or PC Matic?

The AVG software has a generous system that proffers basic protection against malware. Apart from this basic feature, AVG has a number of lucrative additional features. … For instance, Pc Matic antivirus software has a functionality that allows you to clean your disk.

Is 360 a virus?

So-called 360 Total Security virus is identified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP), and has been actively distributed for a couple of years….360 Total Security – a poor security software.SummaryTypePotentially unwanted program6 more rows•May 10, 2018

What is the best Antivirus for Windows 10?

Here are the best Windows 10 antivirus in 2021Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. Top-notch protection that’s bristling with features. … Norton AntiVirus Plus. … Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security. … Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows. … Avira Antivirus Pro. … Avast Premium Security. … McAfee Total Protection. … BullGuard Antivirus.Mar 23, 2021

Is Pcmatic an American company?

PC Matic is the only security software company that does not outsource to another country. We are proud to be an American company.

Where is Pcmatic from?

Sioux CityPC Matic, Inc. is located in Sioux City, IA, United States and is part of the Information Technology Services Industry.

Is PC Matic better than Norton?

Norton is a reliable, feature-packed product with a user-friendly interface. PC Matic is not an antivirus in the most traditional way, it is more of an optimization center, a piece of software that is equally good at anti-malware protection, OS optimization, performance boost, and disc cleaning.

Which antivirus is made in China?

360 SafeguardStable release(s)Available inSimplified ChineseTypeAntivirusLicenseFreewareWebsiteweishi.360.cn9 more rows

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