Question: What Two Tasks Are Router Hardening?

How do you harden a router?

How to secure your router and home networkAvoid using routers supplied by ISPs.

Change the default admin password.

The router’s management interface should not be reachable from the internet.

Turn on HTTPS access to the router interface if available.

Change the router’s default LAN IP address if possible.

Use a security-focused DNS service provider.More items…•Nov 18, 2019.

Why is the username name algorithm-type Scrypt secret?

The username name algorithm-type scrypt secret password command encrypts the user password using SHA scrypt hash algorithm. … MD5 hashes are no longer considered secure because attackers can reconstruct valid certificates. Type 9 passwords are stronger than MD5 and Type 7 passwords.

Why is authentication with AAA preferred over a local database method?

Why is authentication with AAA preferred over a local database method? It uses less network bandwidth. It specifies a different password for each line or port. It requires a login and password combination on the console, vty lines, and aux ports.

What command will encrypt all passwords on router Mcq?

Which command is used to encrypt all passwords in a router configuration file? Explanation: The command service password-encryption is used to encrypt and secure plain-text passwords configured on a router.

Is DMZ on router safe?

If you router offers a real DMZ then the rest of the network would be safe even if your Windows PC is compromised. A real DMZ is a separate network which has no or only very restricted access to the internal network. … And the simple Windows firewall will in no way protect against this.

Which two tasks are associated with router hardening choose two?

CCNA Sec V2QuestionAnswerWhich two tasks are associated with router hardening? (Choose two.)securing administrative access disabling unused ports and interfacesRouting protocol can be used to falsify routing information, cause DoS attacks, or cause traffic to be redirected.spoofing142 more rows

Should I enable DMZ on my router?

A true DMZ is basically a section of your network that is exposed to the internet but do not connect to the rest of your internal network. However, most of the home routers offer DMZ setting or DMZ host settings. … In fact, you generally should not use the home router’s DMZ function at all if you can avoid it.

What do you mean by router security areas and what are they?

Router security areas means : In a small branch office or in a telecommuters home, a single perimeter router might be the only barrier between the inside and outside network. The features anview the full answer.

Why would a network administrator include a local username configuration?

3: Why would a network administrator include a local username configuration, when the AAA-enabled router is also configured to authenticate using several ACS servers? The local username database will provide a backup for authentication in the event the ACS servers become unreachable.

What is the primary method for mitigating malware?

What is the primary method for mitigating malware? Installing antivirus software on all hosts.

What is the purpose of a DMZ?

A DMZ network provides a buffer between the internet and an organization’s private network. The DMZ is isolated by a security gateway, such as a firewall, that filters traffic between the DMZ and a LAN. The DMZ is protected by another security gateway that filters traffic coming in from external networks.

How do you harden a LAN switch?

Router/Switch HardeningCheck that the framework used is up-to-date.Check all updates and patches for OS and services.Disable unused router/switch interfaces.Disable all unused services, accessible ports.Disable management protocols that you are not using.Disable features that are techniques for re-directing your traffic.More items…

What AAA stores the information on the router?

Home AAA (H-AAA): The AAA server in the roamer’s home network. The H-AAA is similar to the HLR in voice. The H-AAA stores user profile information, responds to authentication requests, and collects accounting information.

How do I secure my modem router?

How to set up Wi-Fi router securely: The specificsUpdate your router with new firmware and keep it up to date.Change your login credentials and router password.Always use WPA2 to secure your wireless network.Disable WPS.Schedule your wireless network’s online schedule.Get rid of any risky or unverified services.More items…•Feb 7, 2019

What is Cisco enable secret?

# enable secret – it will enables a password and password encryption that based on the md5 hashing algorithm. This is is a most recommended command to supply while enabling a password to any cisco network devices.

Is DMZ necessary?

While most organizations no longer need a DMZ to protect themselves from the outside world, the concept of separating valuable digital goodies from the rest of your network is still a potent security strategy. If you apply the DMZ mechanism on an entirely internal basis, then there are still use cases that makes sense.

What is the primary means for mitigating virus and Trojan horse attacks?

Antivirus softwareAntivirus software is the primary means of mitigating both virus and Trojan horse attacks. By using up-to-date antivirus software, the spread of viruses and Trojan horse attacks can be reduced.

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