Question: What Is StartupCheckLibrary DLL Do?

What is Winscomrssrv DLL?

dll The specified module could not be found“, then a program on your computer is trying to start up using winscomrssrv.

You can check which application process is using the dll file and causing this error and then delete the process/ uninstall the application (if it is unnecessary)..

How do I fix a missing DLL in Windows 10?

Fix Missing DLL files errorRun the built-in System File Checker tool to replace missing or corrupted operating system files.Run the DISM tool and repair the Windows system image and fix a corrupted Windows Component Store.Repair or re-install the software if some application throws up this error.More items…•Jun 2, 2020

What is Winrmsrv?

Winrmsrv.exe is a background process that users might find running on their Windows computers once they open the Task Manager. The executable was developed by Microsoft Corporation, and its usual location is in C:\Windows\system32\ folder.

How do you fix specified module could not be found?

How to fix “The specified module could not be found” error on Windows?Fix 1. Scan your computer for malware.Fix 2. Delete BackgroundContainer task.Fix 3. Stop the process of the related .dll.Fix 4. … Fix 5. … Protect your online privacy with a VPN client.Data recovery tools can prevent permanent file loss.Dec 12, 2019

How do you know what DLL files are missing?

Type “sfc /scannow,” and then press “Enter.” The “System File Checker” program will scan your system, and then replace missing or damaged files from your system with the ones from your Windows disk. Follow the instructions on the screen. When done, restart your computer.

How do I fix there was a problem starting Winscomrssrv DLL?

Detailed steps to fix winscomrssrv. dllRightclick the downloaded Autoruns.exe and choose Run As Adminstrator.In the Filter box, type winscomrssrv.View the result. Any ‘File not Found’ image paths, are save to delete.Do the same for startupchecklibrary. Any File Not Found results can be safely removed.May 21, 2020

Is StartupCheckLibrary DLL a virus?

StartupCheckLibrary. dll is a library that allows you to check what startup options and apps are being used in Windows. The StartupCheckLibrary. dll file is not in fact a virus, but it can have some malware that tries to sneak in to your computer.

What is Winlogui?

Winlogui.exe is a Trojan that misuses the power of your CPU to extract electronic currency that passes the name of Monero. … Your power costs also are not saved below – Trojans such as this need a lot of power.

What does the specified module could not be found?

This “The specified module could not be found” error often occurs on Windows startup or when launching a particular program. It is usually caused by corrupt or missing . dll files. This might be caused by malfunctions in Windows Registry originating from programs that fail to uninstall correctly.

Is Winscomrssrv DLL a virus?

Most antivirus programs identify winscomrssrv. dll as malware—for example Symantec identifies it as Trojan. Gen. MBT, and Microsoft identifies it as Trojan:Win32/Bluteal!

How do I fix there was a problem starting StartupCheckLibrary DLL?

If you receive an error message — There was a problem starting StartupCheckLibrary….There was a problem starting StartupCheckLibrary. dllCheck if your Antivirus has quarantined the file.Run SFC Command.Disable StartupCheckLibrary.dll entry from the Startup.Dec 30, 2020

Why is my Windows Security blank?

Restart Windows Security Center Service. The Windows Security Center service monitors and reports security health settings on the system. You can check whether the problem is caused by closed Windows Security Center service. You can restart this service and see whether the problem is solved.

Is StartupCheckLibrary DLL important?

Description: StartupCheckLibrary. dll is not essential for Windows and will often cause problems. StartupCheckLibrary. dll is located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

Can I delete StartupCheckLibrary DLL?

dll (Windows Defender) The only action available is to “allow” it, which I clearly do not want to let it. There is no option to permanently delete it.

How do I replace StartupCheckLibrary DLL?

How to Fix missing StartUpCheckLibrary. dll in Windows 10Ensure Windows Security is quarantined the StartUpCheckLibrary. Microsoft Security keeps the records of the current threats of Windows 10. … Perform SFC Scan. … Run DISM. … Manually Download a DLL File. … Rollback the latest Windows 10 Update.

How do I get rid of StartupCheckLibrary DLL?

How Do I Fix StartUpCheckLibrary. dll Missing Error on Windows 10?Solution 1: Run Automatic DLL Repair Tool.Solution 2: Run SFC Scan.Solution 3: Run DISM Scan.Solution 4: Run an Antivirus Scan.Solution 5: Manually Download the DLL File.Solution 6: Install DirectX.Solution 7: Rollback the Latest Update & Reinstall it.

Is it OK to delete Winscomrssrv DLL?

Winscomrssrv. dll is a malicious program of the Trojan Horse malware family and it can harm your computer in different ways. Removing Winscomrssrv. dll ASAP is critical because this threat could steal and/or corrupt important data, infect you with Ransomware, or damage the whole system.

How do I fix a startup DLL error?

3How to Fix a Rundll Error?Reinstall the programs which report the DLL errors. … Fix the Rundll error by downloading a copy of Rundll file from the internet. … If you have a networked computer running on the same OS, try to find and copy the same Rundll file from that computer to see if you can fix the error.More items…

How do I use autorun in Windows?

How to collect Microsoft Autoruns logsOpen the zipped folder and run Autoruns.exe for 32bit operating systems or Autoruns64.exe for 64bit operating systems.When Autoruns open, click Esc to cancel the current scan.When looking for malware, it helps to be logged in as the user that got infected.More items…

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