Question: How Does IQIYI VIP Work?

How can I watch VIP iQiyi free?

Customers on our Postpaid mobile plans can enjoy FREE 2 months of iQiyi Standard VIP and iQiyi Premium VIP*.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to activate your subscription via My StarHub App and start watching on or via the app..

How do you pay for VIP on iQiyi?

As a VIP member, You have the choice to pay the VIP membership fee (the “Subscription Fee”) by the following methods: (a) bank card (e.g., credit card or debit card) registered under your name; (b) third party billing account (e.g., Paypal,Alipay,Googlepay) registered under your name; or (c) other form of payment …

How can I watch iQiyi?

Follow these steps:Install a VPN app, make a payment, and sign-in (We highly recommend ExpressVPN)Connect to a Chinese server from the list.Get iQiyi app on your device.Sign-in to the iQiyi app using your account.Start watching iQiyi.Jun 1, 2021

How do I unsubscribe from Youku?

Cancel Youku Subscription on Android On the left-hand side of the screen, click the hamburger menu icon beside the search bar. From the list, select “Subscriptions”. Tap on “Youku” and click “Cancel Subscription”.

How do you get VIP on iQiyi?

DescriptionThe iQiyi VIP Subscription promo is exclusive for all new and existing active Astro Pay-TV residential customers.To purchase this subscription, please link your Astro ID with an active residential Astro account.More items…

How do I stop iQiyi VIP?

How to Cancel iQIYI Video – Dramas & Movies Subscription on your Android deviceFirst, open the Google Play Store. … Click on menu, then go to “Subscriptions”.Choose the iQIYI Video – Dramas & Movies subscription you wish to cancel and tap on the “Cancel Subscription” option.Finish up as directed.

What is Youku VIP?

VIP gives you access to premium content (TV series, movies, etc.), as well as not having to deal with ads. … It’s not a commercial ad, but more of a recommendation based on the things you have watched.

What does VIP mean in iQIYI?

Exclusive content ALL privilegesVIP members get early access to new episodes and high-quality content. Exclusive content. ALL privileges. Watch exciting exclusive content, only available on iQIYI!

Is iQiyi a safe site?

At present, its self-developed DRM and watermarking system have passed ChinaDRM’s security evaluation tests. iQIYI has established a comprehensive copyright protection system that spans across video source protection, streaming-end protection, and piracy tracking.

How much does iQiyi charge per month?

On Nov 6, iQiyi announced that it will raise the monthly subscription fee that starting from 15 yuan (approximately 2.1 USD) per month, which has remained unchanged for nine years, starting from 13th this month.

How do you get free VIP on Youku?

Go to Youku App 4.) In the search bar type “Word of Honor” 5.) There will be two that show up, press the second one (if that dosent work try the first one) 6.) Press a episode that has VIP stamped on it, it will have a popup that offers you VIP.

How do I delete my iQiyi account?

∙ To discard accounts, toggle Enable, then click DELETE. User info will be cleared permanently after that.

How much does iQiyi VIP cost?

iQiyi – Watch popular TV shows and movies online Next renewal will cost $6.99 Auto renew 1 month upon expiry. Cancel anytime. Next renewal will cost $9.99 Auto renew 1 month upon expiry.

Do you have to pay for iQIYI?

iQiyi offers a free service and a paid for service. This 20CNY will give you unlimited viewing and unlimited downloading – as far as you have space on your computer or phone. There are some newer films and dramas that may require extra payment.

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