How Do You Fix Specified Module Could Not Be Found?

How do I fix Loadlibrary failed with error 126?

Check and update the graphics card driver to the latest version.

Disable the one of the graphic cards and relaunch ArcMap.

Refer to Problem: Graphics card conflict may cause ArcMap to crash for steps to perform this.

Perform a system file checker scan and repair the corrupted items..

How do I fix the specified module could not be found Windows 7?

Fix 1: Run the SFC scanOn your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and type cmd. … Click Yes when prompted to confirm.In the command prompt window, type sfc /scannow and press Enter. … Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.Check to see if the error is resolved.

What is rundll error?

A Rundll error occurs when XP, Windows, or Vista systems startup, and the Rundll error is caused by: Improperly deleting a DLL file. … A shared DLL file is deleted or infected by a virus or Trojan. Invalid or incorrect DLL entries in the Windows registry. Corrupted DLL files.

How do I remove rundll error in Windows 7?

Follow the steps below to perform this step properly:Launch the “Run” box by pressing Windows key + R.Type “services. msc” and press Enter.Right-click the related process to your Dll error and click “Stop” to stop the process.Close the Services window.Dec 18, 2013

What does 0x0000007E The specified module could not be found?

When the computer is rebooted, an error message appears from Powermgr.exe: “0x0000007E The specified module could not be found.” This issue may occur after a Windows 10 feature update or after performing an operating system reset procedure.

How do I start ClipSVC?

Restore Default Startup Configuration for Client License Service (ClipSVC)Run the Command Prompt as an administrator.Copy the command below, paste it into the command window and press ENTER: sc config ClipSVC start= demand.Close the command window and restart the computer.

What is load library failed with error 126?

[Windows] “LoadLibrary failed with error 126” message while starting Cubase or Nuendo. This error message appears when Cubase and Nuendo is initialising the video engine. This error is related to the generic graphics card driver provided with the Windows installation and happens mainly with AMD/ATI based solutions.

How do you remove specified module could not be found?

Delete Files in Registry. The DLL load failed: the specified module could not be found error could not be found may be caused by the corrupted registry files. So, you can try deleting files in Registry to solve this problem.

How do you fix Error 126 The specified module could not be found Windows 10?

How To Fix Windows Error 126Step 1 – Make Sure The Registry Is Working Correctly. The first step is to ensure that a specific “registry key” is functioning correctly. … Step 2 – Clean Out The Registry Of Your PC. Download This Registry Cleaner.

What is specified module could not be found?

RunDLL errors usually occur when a program is not granted access to specific code. These errors can also be caused by a virus or malware. This “The specified module could not be found” error often occurs on Windows startup or when launching a particular program. It is usually caused by corrupt or missing .

How do I reinstall StartupCheckLibrary DLL?

How to Fix missing StartUpCheckLibrary. dll in Windows 10Ensure Windows Security is quarantined the StartUpCheckLibrary. Microsoft Security keeps the records of the current threats of Windows 10. … Perform SFC Scan. … Run DISM. … Manually Download a DLL File. … Rollback the latest Windows 10 Update.

How do I fix RunDLL there was a problem starting?

Follow the resolution steps below to resolve this RunDLL error.[Solved] How to Fix RunDLL Error “There was a problem starting” “The specified module could not be found”Execute Windows Defender Full Scan.Remove BackgroundContainer task.Remove autorun.inf via registry key.Execute SFC with scannow option.Mar 16, 2020

What is StartupCheckLibrary DLL for?

dll file information. The process known as Startup Check Library DLL or StartupCheckLibrary belongs to software Microsoft Windows Operating System by Microsoft (

How do you fix specified module could not be found USB?

Hold the Shift key on your keyboard and right click the folder that has files from your USB flash drive in it. Choose Open command window here from the menu. Command Prompt will now appear. Enter attrib -r -s -h /s /d command and press Enter to run it.

How do you fix error 126?

How can I fix DLL errors 126/127 on Windows 10?Temporarily disable your antivirus protection.Update Microsoft NET Framework.Run the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer toolkit.Uninstall and reinstall your program.Initiate a system check.Update the firmware drivers.Mar 22, 2021

How do you fix there was a problem starting StartUpCheckLibrary DLL The specified module could not be found?

How Do I Fix StartUpCheckLibrary. dll Missing Error on Windows 10?Solution 1: Run Automatic DLL Repair Tool.Solution 2: Run SFC Scan.Solution 3: Run DISM Scan.Solution 4: Run an Antivirus Scan.Solution 5: Manually Download the DLL File.Solution 6: Install DirectX.Solution 7: Rollback the Latest Update & Reinstall it.

Is StartupCheckLibrary DLL a virus?

StartupCheckLibrary. dll is a library that allows you to check what startup options and apps are being used in Windows. The StartupCheckLibrary. dll file is not in fact a virus, but it can have some malware that tries to sneak in to your computer.

How do I uninstall HPstatusBL DLL?

How to solve HPstatusBL. dll printer error on Windows 10Go to the path location : C:\Users\ \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (replace with your desktop’s. … Check for the shortcut – Monitor Ink Alerts – HP Deskjet 1010 series.lnk (look for the screenshot below)Delete the shortcut and restart your PC.Jan 31, 2017

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